Throughout high school and college I played in a couple of bands. One of the bands was called (for the majority of the time) "The Autumn View". I started out playing guitar in the band in middle school when we were called "Westbound". We evolved over the years, as many adolescents do.

"This Room Could Swallow Me" by The Autumn View

This video is a collection of footage from our recording session in Chicago of our 2 song EP with Matt Allison at Atlas Studios.

Dan Dufek working on vocals

In 2003 we released our first full-length record on our friend's label, Uniform Records. This release is titled "Fist-Fighting with Broken Wrists". Below is the album artwork for the CDs that went into production. I did the graphic design on the album.

Fist Fighting with Broken Wrists Albumn Cover and Inside Booklet

Fist Fighting with Broken Wrists Back and Inside Tray

Below is footage from our CD Release show for the above album. This was the start of a tour we took to California and back.

These are 2 of many t-shirt designs we came up with over the years. The one on the left was, I believe, the most popular design. The "TV Girl" on the right was one of my favorites.

The Autumn View T-Shirt Designs

Collection of Albums

Here is a collection of music we released as "The Autumn View" for your listening pleasure.

The Autumn View - 2 Song Demo (2003)

Recorded in Chicago with Matt Allison at Atlas Studios

The Autumn View - Fist-Fighting With Broken Wrists (2003)

First and only full-length

The Autumn View - For All The Wrong Reasons... (1999)

Split EP with 52 Pick-Up

Photo of the band outside the venue in St. Louis