Brain Brian

software engineer living in Los Angeles, California.


Surfline Sample

Since April 2021, I've been a Staff Software Engineer at Surfline, where I work across our web applications stack. My primary focus is on the UI layer, using technologies like TypeScript, React, and Next.js. I also contribute to building and maintaining our APIs and databases, and we frequently work with AWS.

VideoAmp Platform

VideoAmp Platform Sample

I joined VideoAmp in 2018 and started working on the Design Ops team. We created the PreAmp Design System and I now work on the Measurement application, which allows users to optimize their ads and monitor past and active investment initiatives.

REI Classes/Events and Adventures Team

REI Classes/Events and Adventures Team Sample

During my time at REI, I led a team of frontend software engineers supporting both the Classes, Events, and Adventures applications. We used Agile methodology and a continuous integrated environment with Docker, Java, Jenkins, and more. I also upgraded our linting standards with Vue.js and delivered pages and components for the REI website using the Cedar Design System.


Starbucks Sample

I have extensive experience working with Starbucks as a client, having worked on projects ranging from digital banners to complex applications while at POP and Blast Radius. Some of the projects I led included the Starbucks Outlook Add-In, Frappuccino brand website, and the Pumpkin Spice Latte Facebook Campaign.

Hulu Original Social Campaigns

Hulu Original Social Campaigns Sample

I built a single-page application on AWS for Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale social campaign, which allows users to enter a code, access a secret group, and invite friends. At POP, I partnered with a coworker to create a Facebook chat bot for Hulu's original show Chance using a serverless cloud-based architecture with Lambdas and natural language processing.


Nintendo Sample

I worked as the lead interactive developer at POP for several Nintendo website projects, including Star Fox Zero, The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, Mario Sports Mix, and Animal Crossing: City Folk. My team used animations, scrolling-triggered effects, and other interactive features to bring these game worlds to life online.


Pokémon Sample

I was part of the team that created the original marketing site for the Pokémon Go mobile app, and also led the development and animation of the Pokémon Platinum: Rotom Viewer Desktop Application, a fun gift for Pokémon fans. Both projects were completed while working at POP and were localized in multiple languages.

Ubisoft: Support Website

Ubisoft: Support Website Sample

I led the development team at POP for a co-development project with Ubisoft to overhaul their customer support website. We provided static site template files and static JSON endpoints which Ubisoft integrated into their support backend system resulting in a useful, responsive website.

Lib Technologies

Lib Technologies Sample

I have worked on several web development projects for Lib Technologies, including a snowboard finder application, a marketing campaign for Jamie Lynn's 20 year anniversary with the company, a DIY snowboard builder, a responsive e-commerce website, and a surfboard launch website. These projects involved using various web development technologies and techniques such as AngularJS, WordPress, Grunt.js, and responsive web design.

GNU Snowboards: Responsive E-commerce Website

GNU Snowboards: Responsive E-commerce Website Sample

I led the team that rebuilt the GNU Snowboards website for the 2014-2015 season, introducing new features like product filtering and social mash-ups to improve user experience across all devices. Our efforts successfully reduced bounce rates, increased time on site, and boosted transactions.