Brain Brian

software engineer living in Los Angeles, California.

Hello, I'm Brian Behrens.

I'm a software engineer.

I live, work and code in Los Angeles. I’m a surfer, snowboarder, twitterer, cyclist and a music/film fanatic. I enjoy taking photos and making films every now and again. I find comfort in random things.

Recent Projects

REI Classes/Events and Adventures Team

REI Classes/Events and Adventures Team Sample

I work on the Classes/Events and Adventures team at REI. In my role I am the lead frontend software engineer for the team. We work in a continuous integrated environment with Docker, Java, Jenkins and more. Currently I'm spending most of my time updating our frontend systems to be written in ES6 linting standards with Vue.js. I use build tools like webpack and dependency management on the frontend is done via our private NPM repository.

Starbucks Outlook Add-in

Starbucks Outlook Add-in Sample

The Starbucks Outlook Add-In for Microsoft Outlook is an application that allows users to send Starbucks Gift Cards through their email with ease. I led JavaScript development on this project. We revamped an existing AngularJS code base, updated features and provide support.

Join Maidez - Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale

Join Maidez - Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale Sample

Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale is now airing. I built a single page application on AWS using Lambda, S3, NodeJS, Webpack, React, Redux and Babel to support their social campaign. This application takes in a users code, grants them access to a secret group and allows them to invite up to 5 friends.

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