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Target Sample

Through The Years (Timeline) August 1st, 2010 Target came to POP with an ask to turn their history page into a more interactive and engaging online experience. The history page used to be one long scrolling page of information. Target was very happy with outcome of the new interactive version where users can interact with individual points in Target's history and filter by different categories. I…

Health Corner and ChefMD Online

Health Corner and ChefMD Online Sample

Health Corner December 15th, 2006 While at Marx Creative I worked on the publishing and distribution of the Health Corner TV Series, independently produced for Walgreens, airing on Lifetime. I helped distribute video both online and through the production of DVDs. I assisted developing an in-store video network initiative between Marx Creative and Walgreens. ChefMD Online October 1st, 2007 ChefMD…

Let’s Be Frank

Let’s Be Frank Sample

Let's Be Frank is a 30-minute short digital video that I produced, edited and co-directed for the Milwaukee Public Television Student Operations program. While in the Television and Video Production associates degree program at Milwaukee Area Technical College we were tasked with producing a 30 minute film/video project. I (we) won best director award for the short film. The short film aired on…

The Autumn View

The Autumn View Sample

Throughout high school and college I played in a couple of bands. One of the bands was called (for the majority of the time) "The Autumn View". I started out playing guitar in the band in middle school when we were called "Westbound". We evolved over the years, as many adolescents do. "This Room Could Swallow Me" by The Autumn View This video is a collection of footage from our recording session…

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