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software engineer living in Los Angeles, California.

REI Classes/Events and Adventures Team

REI Classes/Events and Adventures Team Sample

I work on the Classes/Events and Adventures team at REI. In my role I am the lead frontend software engineer for the team. We work in a continuous integrated environment with Docker, Java, Jenkins and more. Currently I'm spending most of my time updating our frontend systems to be written in ES6 linting standards with Vue.js. I use build tools like webpack and dependency management on the frontend is done via our private NPM repository.

Starbucks Outlook Add-in

Starbucks Outlook Add-in Sample

The Starbucks Outlook Add-In for Microsoft Outlook is an application that allows users to send Starbucks Gift Cards through their email with ease. I led JavaScript development on this project. We revamped an existing AngularJS code base, updated features and provide support.

Join Maidez - Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale

Join Maidez - Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale Sample

Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale is now airing. I built a single page application on AWS using Lambda, S3, NodeJS, Webpack, React, Redux and Babel to support their social campaign. This application takes in a users code, grants them access to a secret group and allows them to invite up to 5 friends.

Nintendo: Star Fox Zero

Nintendo: Star Fox Zero Sample

Nintendo did a reboot of Star Fox for the Wii U. With the Star Fox Zero website we tried to convey the feel of Star Fox world online. Bringing in rich character art and dynamic animations we brought this reboot to life. Dynamic galaxy animations behind the menu overlay using HTML5 canvas, complex scrolling animations within the Lylat System and in depth character and vehicle interactions all bring this site to life. I was the lead interactive developer on this project at POP.

Ubisoft: Customer Support Website

Ubisoft: Customer Support Website Sample

Ubisoft came to POP for a overhaul on their current customer support website. This project was a little different than normal. I lead the development team at POP in a co-development of the site with Ubisoft’s backend team. We provided static site template files with static JSON endpoints that Ubisoft then integrated into their support backend system. This was a great partnership between POP and Ubisoft, and the result is one fantastic, responsive customer support website.

Nintedo: Zelda Tri Force Heroes

Nintedo: Zelda Tri Force Heroes Sample

Zelda Tri Force Heroes is a game for the Nintendo 3DS. It has a unique multiplayer component we tried to bring to life throughout this single page, scrolling site. The user is taken through page content by scrolling vertically or interacting with the totem navigation when on desktop. The site comes to life with interactive animations all done with CSS and JavaScript. I was the lead interactive developer on this project at POP. We used Grunt as our front-end static build system along with SCSS and CommonJS modules.

Lib Tech: Snowboard Finder

Lib Tech: Snowboard Finder Sample

While at Mervin Mfg. we were tasked with building a web application that would take in user data and suggest snowboards based on their body types and skill. Custom fields were added to track specific board ratings based on terrain and skill level. I built this application with AngularJS and custom JSON output through WordPress page templates.

Lib Technologies: Jamie Lynn 20 Year Anniversary

Lib Technologies: Jamie Lynn 20 Year Anniversary Sample

The 2014/2015 winter season was the 20 year anniversary celebration of professional snowboarder Jamie Lynn’s pro line with Lib Technologies. In honor of his 20 years of pro-models with Lib Tech we planned a marketing campaign around his career history and products. We built a responsive, scrolling website to showcase photos, products, notable quotes from industry pros and a featured 20 year video. The website uses complex scrolling techniques to preset a pleasing, focused look into Jamie’s career with Lib Technologies.

GNU Snowboards: Responsive E-commerce Website

GNU Snowboards: Responsive E-commerce Website Sample

The Mervin Mfg. web team rebuilt the GNU Snowboards website for the 2014-2015 season. The goal was not only to update the website to GNU’s latest visuals, but also to introduce a new responsive, easy-to-use website. We introduced new features like product filtering and social mash-ups to quickly provide users access to content they are looking for. We improved bounce rates, time on the site and transactions on all devices.

Lib Technologies: DIY Snowboard Builder

Lib Technologies: DIY Snowboard Builder Sample

During the 2013-2014 snowboard season the Mervin Mfg. web team was tasked with building an online do-it-yourself snowboard builder. We are fortunate at Lib Tech to build our snowboards in the USA at our own factory in Sequim, WA. This allows us to do experimental programs like the diy builder and scale them based on their success. The web application utilizes responsive web-design and Shopatron’s Add-To-Cart API to allow users to design and order their own custom one-of-a-kind snowboard delivered right to their doorstep from any device. Users can build their own snowboard while heading up a lift for some pow turns!

Lib Technologies: Responsive E-commerce Website

Lib Technologies: Responsive E-commerce Website Sample

The Lib Tech brand and e-commerce website is an ever-evolving project I have lead development on since 2012. Over that time we’ve reworked the entire shopping experience to use Shopatron’s latest JavaScript APIs and have one experience, both brand and e-commerce within the same website. We’ve rolled out responsive templates, product finding and building applications, micro-site marketing experiences, as well as focusing on SEO and browser compatibility. I planned and built our build system using Grunt.js, SASS and our own JavaScript design patterns.

Mervin Manufacturing: Responsive Website Rebuild

Mervin Manufacturing: Responsive Website Rebuild Sample

The Mervin Manufacturing website was a much-needed rebuild. I built the new WordPress template with the assistance of another designer at Mervin. All of the development was completed by myself. This is the first responsive site I have built for any of the Mervin brands. It's simple and easy to use. We will be adding more features as time goes on.

Starbucks: Frappuccino Brand Website

Starbucks: Frappuccino Brand Website Sample

I helped concept, plan and build all things digital surrounding the Frappuccino brand in 2011. On users could build drinks and an accompanying poster to promote their drink. They were then entered into a contest and awarded prizes for the most liked drink. I also worked on various paid media campaigns and the mobile website. I'm currently working on the 2012 version of the Frappuccino digital brand.

Starbucks: Pumpkin Spice Latte Facebook Campaign

Starbucks: Pumpkin Spice Latte Facebook Campaign Sample

The Starbucks team at Blast Radius was tasked with creating a campaign to reward a city with the most excitement around the fall launch of pumpkin spice latte. I was a lead in the conception and development of the Facebook application that allowed users to get PSL a week early in their city. The city earning the most points would win. Facebook users were given various tasks to complete in order to receive points.

Nintendo: Mario Sports Mix

Nintendo: Mario Sports Mix Sample

While at POP, I was the lead interactive developer on the Mario Sports Mix site. The site promoted the upcoming game for the Nintendo Wii. We used 3D animation and a lot of motion to bring the site to life.

Target: Through The Years (Timeline)

Target: Through The Years (Timeline) Sample

Target came to POP with an ask to turn their history page into a more interactive and engaging online experience. The history page used to be one long scrolling page of information. Target was very happy with outcome of the new interactive version where users can interact with individual points in Target's history and filter by different categories. I was the Flash developer and animator on this project. I also played an active roll in brainstorming and planning the experience.

MSN TV: Discovery Life

MSN TV: Discovery Life Sample

I played the lead programming roll in heading up POP's first project with MSN TV. MSN came to us with a clear vision on design for Discovery Life and I comfortably executed on programming and animation. MSN TV was thrilled with the delivery of the final product and POP has since completed more projects for them.

Nintendo: Animal Crossing Wii

Nintendo: Animal Crossing Wii Sample

I've assisted in many Nintendo projects while working at POP, but Animal Crossing for the Wii was the first project I played a lead roll in. All of the Flash components were developed by myself.

Target: Where We Work

Target: Where We Work Sample

This was my first project at POP and it was quite successful. The interactive tour of Target's different workplaces is filled with rich photos, text and video. I was the lead developer and animator on the project.

ChefMD: ChefMD Online

ChefMD: ChefMD Online Sample is an online site supporting the ChefMD television segment appearing on Health Corner airing on Lifetime. I brainstormed, planned, and lead development on the site. We built a custom CMS with PHP and MySQL to support recipes, shopping lists, videos, member registration, news, and email lists. The site also includes helpful tools like health calculators and searching for recipes by health conditions.

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