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software engineer living in Los Angeles, California.

VideoAmp Platform

VideoAmp Platform Sample

I started my VideoAmp journey in October of 2018. We moved to Los Angeles for my wife's job. I was originally working for REI when we moved, but quickly looked for a job on the Westside as isolation was taking its toll on me. The VideoAmp Platform enables advertisers to optimize all of their linear television, OTT and digital advertisments to business outcomes. It allows our users to measure their…

REI Classes/Events and Adventures Team

REI Classes/Events and Adventures Team Sample

At REI I supported the Classes & Events and Adventures team. I led frontend software engineer for the team. We supported both applications. We were a team of engineers, a project manager, SDET and a product manager. Our front-end engineers would come together as a guild to address issues across the organization. As a software engineer, we often had to manage remote developers. We worked in Agile…


Starbucks Sample

Over the years working at both POP and Blast Radius I often found myself working on projects with Starbucks as a client. We delivered on anything from simple digital banners to complex applications. Outlook Add-in July, 2017 The Starbucks Outlook Add-In for Microsoft Outlook was an application that allowed users to send Starbucks Gift Cards through their Outlook email with ease. Users right within…

Hulu Original Social Campaigns

Hulu Original Social Campaigns Sample

Join Maidez - The Handmaid's Tale Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale is now airing. I built a single page application on AWS using Lambda, S3, NodeJS, Webpack, React, Redux and Babel to support their social campaign. This application takes in a users code, grants them access to a secret group and allows them to invite up to 5 friends. Chance Chatbot https://www.campaignlive…


Nintendo Sample

Star Fox Zero 2016-06-16 Nintendo did a reboot of Star Fox for the Wii U. With the Star Fox Zero website we tried to convey the feel of Star Fox world online. Bringing in rich character art and dynamic animations we brought this reboot to life. Dynamic galaxy animations behind the menu overlay using HTML5 canvas, complex scrolling animations within the Lylat System…


Pokémon Sample

Pokémon Go Website 2016-06-06 ... Pokémon Platinum: Rotom Viewer Desktop Application 2009-10-01 Pokémon tasked POP with creating a fun gift for Pokémon fans to unlock when they purchased a game and found the code inside the packaging. Fans could then go to with their code and download the Adobe AIR Desktop application linked to above…


Ubisoft Sample

Customer Support Website 2016-05-01 Ubisoft came to POP for a overhaul on their current customer support website. This project was a little different than normal. I lead the development team at POP in a co-development of the site with Ubisoft’s backend team. We provided static site template files with static JSON endpoints that Ubisoft then integrated into their support backend system. This was a…

Lib Technologies

Lib Technologies Sample

Snowboard Finder 2015-12-01 While at Mervin Mfg. we were tasked with building a web application that would take in user data and suggest snowboards based on their body types and skill. Custom fields were added to track specific board ratings based on terrain and skill level. I built this application with AngularJS and custom JSON output…

GNU Snowboards: Responsive E-commerce Website

GNU Snowboards: Responsive E-commerce Website Sample

The Mervin Mfg. web team rebuilt the GNU Snowboards website for the 2014-2015 season. The goal was not only to update the website to GNU’s latest visuals, but also to introduce a new responsive, easy-to-use website. We introduced new features like product filtering and social mash-ups to quickly provide users access to content they are looking for. We improved bounce rates, time on the site and…

Mervin Manufacturing

Mervin Manufacturing Sample

Responsive Website Rebuild The Mervin Manufacturing website was a much-needed rebuild. I built the new WordPress template with the assistance of another designer at Mervin. All of the development was completed by myself. This is the first responsive site I have built for any of the Mervin brands. It's simple and easy to use. We will be adding more features as time goes on.

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