I went to the Showbox Market for the first time tonight. You would think living in Seattle for over 2 years and being someone who frequents on average about 1 show a week that I would have seen a show at the Showbox Market by now. This was my first time there. The venue and sound was great. The bartender serving me was kind of an ass and seemed to hate his job, but hey?

Either way, CocoRosie was great. Big surprise, right? This is my third time seeing CocoRosie. The first I saw them was at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee (with Tilly and the Wall & Bright Eyes), and the second show I attended was at the King Cat Theater in Seattle. I was most impressed with everyone's energy levels and skill at this show. Things seemed to go great, and the beat-box session from Taz was nothing to laugh at. Amazing.

At the show I bought "La Maison De Mon Rêve" on vinyl (CocoRosie's first album). I was very excited to get this beautiful, pink record home. I love the water colors used on the album cover.

La Maison de Mon Reve - CocoRosie

I'm extremely happy I went and got a new record player this past weekend. It's been great to dig out my record collection again after 2 years of being in boxes. This is the first time they've seen daylight since I moved to Seattle in 2008.