Apple released the iPad last week as many of you well know.  I had little interest in the device, but still see some great potential in the world of tablet computing.  After all I've seen and read, I feel the device, where it stands, is a great tool for someone like my parents but nothing more.  As it stands, it will be a great tool for the basics (email, calendars, and simple web-browsing).  I don't think this hardware will be a great e-book reader.  The Kindle is good for a reason... it's not a back-light LED display.

Either way, these are where I feel the iPad has fallen short:

  • No Multitasking
  • No Camera
  • No Flash
  • Over all UI Design of the OS (identical to the iPhone)
  • Closed Platform (Apple controls which applications developers can deploy)

With that said, I still have hope for the iPad.  I also think it's exciting that all my iPhone developer friends are now developers for the iPad as well.

There are 3 short articles that I found good reads on this same subject at Gizmodoidsgn, and Mike Chambers.