I finally decided to drop sprint after 5 long years. After my contract expired in october I've had nothing but problems with sprint. In August they messed up my plan on my treo 700p and began charging me around 60 dollars a month. After numerous 45 min phone calls with customer service, I decided I've had enough.

I had been debating the iPhone for some time now. After the latest firmware update and the talk of opening the phone to third-party apps I decided I was ready.

So far 1 day later I'm very happy. I will be getting my girlfriend one shortly too. I have yet to really be disapointed with apple yet, being an avid mac user since high school. I guess we'll have to wait and see how at&t treats me. I will say it was the easiest thing in the world to transfer my number and set up my service through iTunes. Bravo apple.

It's nice having all these web apps made specifically for the iPhone. My treo never had anything like this. This wordpress admin theme is pretty damn sweet!