I spent this past weekend with a crew of 55 volunteers making a short film, 7 minutes in duration, for the Seattle 48 Hour Film Festival. This film was created under the direction of the talented Ben Strickland of Tricky Whiskey Films. It was my first time doing the 48 Hour Film Fest. It was a great experience seeing what a large group of volunteers, industry pros and amateurs, can come together and make in 2 LONG days.


2016 Seattle 48 Hour Film Festival - "pew pew"

We shot at a private airfield in Monroe, WA.

2016 Seattle 48 Hour Film Festival - "pew pew"

We got our shot of a plane riding into the sunset and a van following shortly behind with gunfire.

2016 Seattle 48 Hour Film Festival - "pew pew"

We had great talent thanks to all the individuals who helped plan the film.

If you'd like to see the film, come next week to SIFF at the Uptown, Tuesday, July 26th, 2016. You can buy tickets online. Be sure to buy tickets for the 9pm showing for Group D if you want to see our film "pew pew".

View more behind the scenes photos here.