Recent Projects

  • Mervin Responsive Website Rebuild

    The Mervin Manufacturing website was a much needed rebuild. I built the new WordPress template with the assistance of another designer at Mervin. All of the programming was completed by myself. This is the first responsive site I have built for any of the Mervin brands. It’s simple and easy to use. We will be adding more features as time goes on.

  • GNU Website Rebuild was rebuilt in 2012 with the goal of integrating product checkout into the same marketing website. I completed this by rebuilding our WordPress site theme and integrating Shopatron’s JavaScript APIs. The new GNU site has binding comparison tools, fun information about our team riders and more. It’s a great place to purchase our products and enjoy our brand.

  • Starbucks: Pumpkin Spice Latte Facebook Campaign

    The Starbucks team at Blast Radius was tasked with creating a campaign to reward a city with the most excitement around the fall launch of pumpkin spice latte. I was a lead in the conception and development of the Facebook application that allowed users to get PSL a week early in their city. The city earning the most points would win. Facebook users were given various tasks to complete in order to receive points.