Recent Projects

  • Lib Technologies: Responsive E-commerce Website

    The Lib Tech brand and e-commerce website is an ever-evolving project I have lead development on since 2012. Over that time we’ve reworked the entire shopping experience to use Shopatron’s latest JavaScript APIs and have one experience, both brand and e-commerce within the same website. We’ve rolled out responsive templates, product finding and building applications, micro-site marketing experiences, as well as focusing on SEO and browser compatibility. I planned and built our build system using Grunt.js, SASS and our own JavaScript design patterns.

  • Lib Technologies: Jamie Lynn 20 Year Anniversary

    The 2014/2015 winter season was the 20 year anniversary celebration of professional snowboarder Jamie Lynn’s pro line with Lib Technologies. In honor of his 20 years of pro-models with Lib Tech we planned a marketing campaign around his career history and products. We built a responsive, scrolling website to showcase photos, products, notable quotes from industry pros and a featured 20 year video. The website uses complex scrolling techniques to preset a pleasing, focused look into Jamie’s career with Lib Technologies.

  • GNU Snowboards: Responsive E-commerce Website

    The Mervin Mfg. web team rebuilt the GNU Snowboards website for the 2014-2015 season. The goal was not only to update the website to GNU’s latest visuals, but also to introduce a new responsive, easy-to-use website. We introduced new features like product filtering and social mash-ups to quickly provide users access to content they are looking for. We improved bounce rates, time on the site and transactions on all devices.